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Summer Events
Mark your calendars for all these fun events coming up.
Saturday, August 12th, 7pm
SALSA Night – More details to come, but nows your chance to hang out with the Ohana and learn some more functional movement, dancing!
Saturday, August 19th, 9am 
BEACH WOD – More details to come.

PROPER Salsa Dance Party Info 

Salsa Dance Lesson! Time to learn something that is functional outside of the box, SALSA! We will have 2 instructors come to the box and teach us the basics of salsa, plus a routine! No dance experience or rhythm necessary to participate!  Doors open at 6:30pm. Lesson starts at 7:00pm. Make it a date night and let’s dance the night away!

Here are a couple details:

When is it? Saturday August 12th! 6:30 pm doors open, 7pm the lesson starts!

What do I wear? Anything comfortable! I’d like to see you outside gym clothes though!

What do I bring? Dancing shoes! Haha. This will be a potluck too! Cook up your special dish you make and BYOB!

Who can I bring? Anybody! Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, they don’t have to do CrossFit to attend. We are looking for a babysitter for kids, but not 100% sure on it yet.

How much is it? We will have two professional instructors coming to the box. So it will be $20 a person!


Programming Intent: Heavy set of deadlifts to finish the strength cycle for this week. The workout weight should be light for a high number of repetitions. If you think about Diane (21-15-9 at 225 lbs) you should have a 8 minute or less time on that if you are going to use 185 lbs. If not, scale it down so you can move fast. It is 55 reps (10 more reps than Diane) which doesn’t seem like much, but adds up exponentially.

Establish a heavy set of 3 Deadlifts


For time,

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of,
Deadlift, 185/135
Handstand Push-Ups

Take Another Step In The Right Direction

If you are looking to go the extra step and work on Nutrition, Movement Specific Progressions, Get Even Stronger, or Simply Work On Mobility/Pain Free Movement, book a Skill Session with a Coach! It’s $30 and you get 1 on 1 attention + homework to progress towards a Better you.

CrossFit Proper

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