“This diet really suck, the food is boring, bland, doesn’t taste good…”

We’ve heard this a ton from people that have fallen off the diet bandwagon. We’ve even experienced it ourselves.

When we come to terms that we need to clean up our diet for Summer or because our doctors told us we are pre-diabetic, pre-high blood pressure, or a heart attack waiting to happen, our taste buds should probably be the least of our worries. Our health, our wellbeing, and being able to see our kids have kids should trump any of this boring nutrition you’re trying. 

We’re coming from highly processed, high starch, and high sugar foods to meat and vegetables. We’ll be the first to admit it, not fun at all, ditching the cereal and bread for asparagus and spinach. Unless you know how to cook up some fire in the kitchen like Chef Gordon Ramsey, food and life might seem a little, well bland.

Get over it.

Whether you’re 16, 25, or 42 years old, you’ve been eating food that tastes good your whole life and it’s got you to this point if you’re unhappy with how you feel and/or look. Forget about the taste and think about the results you’re going to get. Think about your health. Think about you adding another 10 quality years to your life! 

The cool thing is that you can add spices and flavors to make eating healthy a habit and actually enjoyable. Our best additive? Fitness. Cause who wants to eat a burger then go run a mile and do some pull-ups only to yak it all up again? Nobody. Soon the foods you thought were bland will help you feel better, look better, and perform better.

You’ve been eating for pleasure your whole life.
Maybe it’s time to start eating for health.

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