The health and fitness industry is littered with lies.

Fat is bad for you.

Weight training will make women bulky.

Squats are bad for your knees.

Guys have to be the size of bodybuilders and ladies, stick-figureesque.

The number on the scale is the most important thing during weight loss.

How many of you have “only” been down a few pounds, get discouraged and take your gym shoes off to watch Netflix instead?

Well we just did a Body Scan of a member. It shows exactly the value in the measurement that we track in our gym. It only shows she’s lost about 2 lbs. BUT it also shows she’s down 10.5 lbs of body fat, and built 9.7 lbs of muscle! She’s gone from 28.5% body fat to 20.5%! Way bigger difference than just two pounds huh?

These are the things that really matter.

Once you start your fitness journey, don’t focus so much on the scale number. Focus on the food you eat and the quality of your workouts! Results will follow.

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