Our legs are sore from Monday. And it’s Friday… Does this mean that sore = progress? Sometimes. Soreness is a natural part of exercise. It’s a sign that your body’s muscles have broken down a bit and that means they’re going to come back stronger than before.

We can get crazy scientific into protein synthesis. Hypertrophy. Eccentric/Concentric. Blah, blah, blah. But all you have to know is this. Moving Properly with intensity specific to your abilities is the key to progress. The other two components are recovery and nutrition. Are you stretching and moving throughout the days after? How long? Are you eating the correct foods and amounts to help you recover? These are all questions you should ask yourself on the daily.

You don’t have to be sore every single session, but it is a good way to see if you pushed yourself enough. If not, we know next time to ramp up the intensity. 🙂

Sore doesn’t equal progress.

Progress = Progress

And how we track that is a two prong approach. “Health” with the InBody Scan (body fat %, muscle mass, etc.) and through your “Fitness” (tracking workouts and weights lifted) as long as the needle is moving in the right direction, that’s progress.

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