Like everyone knows, consistency is KEY to any kind of long-term progress. Really, what we’re trying to do as we workout and build ourselves a healthy lifestyle is change our habits. That can be extremely tough, I know! For example, instead of reaching for some potato chips, we go for the fruit and veggies. Instead of sitting on the couch, we go for a walk. These habits are tough to kick, so here are two great tips I’ve found useful for clients at CrossFit Proper and myself!
Mark Yourself Unavailable – This is an easy one. We all have a calendar, whether on our phone, our work calendar, or family one. When you plan your week, mark yourself unavailable during that hour for your workout. No If’s, and’s, or but’s. This will keep you committed and it won’t let anyone be able to get in your way.
Make It Fun & Reward Yourself – Set a goal. Workout 2 times a week. Cook & Eat 3 home-made meals. And if you make those goals, reward yourself with something small, maybe a “cheat” meal after the workout or a new pair of workout shorts.
Set a Countdown! – The key here is to just get to the gym and show up. Some people say it takes about 21 days for habits to form, so take it day by day. You could write on your bathroom mirror or fridge start at 21 and countdown everyday you’ve successfully stuck with your goal. Soon enough, you won’t even need that reminder.
BONUS: Find a buddy! We have so many friendships here at the workouts that sometimes it takes a buddy to say “see you at the gym!”  And if you don’t have a buddy, we can be yours! 🙂
Remember, Consistency is key! See you in the gym!
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