CrossFit’s intrigue is that we can get better at everything, at the same time. It’s weird, but when we can do more pull-ups, we can also run long and faster.

This can sometimes distract us though. We want to be the best at everything that looks shiny and new. Clean and jerk. Butterfly pull-ups. Double-unders. Muscle ups. Even walking on our hands.

Sure, these things are necessary later in your CrossFit career, but they’re the wrong things to focus on now. That doesn’t mean don’t work on them, but don’t invest your time in them. Instead your time will be spent better and results will come faster if you focus on the right things;

Eating better.

Proper movement in the Squat, Deadlift, and Press.

Mobility and recovery (stretching, rolling out, and restorative movement)

Meditation and introspective learning about positivity and mindset.

Having fun, even in the most stressful situations – this could be work or just a tough friggin’ WOD.

You can easily get good at the wrong things, but we won’t let you do that cause we’ve made those mistakes and care enough about you to help you avoid them. See you in the gym.

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