Have you heard of the story about the teacher with a pebble in his shoe? It goes something like this, a teacher has a pebble in his shoe when he walks into school everyday. First, it starts off as a little limp. Then it turns into affecting his stride. And soon, after a year, he’s walking into class like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

It would’ve been way easier to get rid of the pebble right when he felt it, versus trying to now dissolve a bad habit.

So my question to you is this, what’s the pebble in your shoe? Is it focusing on working out and not enough on recovering? Is it simply getting rid of the junk food in your house? Is it leaving work on time to get to the gym?

So how do we get rid of the pebble in your shoe? The first question you probably ask is, when? RIGHT NOW! Take action on that darn thing because you’re better off now, than when it’s even more painful down the road.

We don’t want you to turn into the Hunchback, cause that’s bad for deadlifts.

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