Our Story

CrossFit Proper was established in January 2009 from the pure love of CrossFit.

We initially heard about CrossFit by watching a video of the young BJ Penn doing a muscle-up demo with Coach Glassman. It took about another two years before we would even try it because the workouts on CrossFit.com were seemingly impossible.

In 2008 a garage gym opened up in Anaheim Hills called Canyon CrossFit. We were probably one of their first clients. Within months of training with Canyon CrossFit, Christian, who was then sixteen years old, asked to go to CrossFit Trainers Certification. As parents, we truly believe our jobs are to allow our kids to find their path and feed whatever sparks their interests and makes them happy. We contacted CrossFit HQ to find out if there was an age limit to certification. There was not. And so, Christian went to cert in San Diego, CA in which Dave Castro was the lead instructor.

During cert in the good old days, you had to do Fran and Fight Gone Bad…all in one weekend. It was Christian’s first Fran and first Fight Gone Bad…both at Rx’d weights. Needless to say, that tough weekend did not discourage him, it only fed his desire to continue his CrossFit and spread his love for fitness and training people of all ages and abilities.

He started training us – mom, dad and sis. Within a few months, Christian wanted to become an official CrossFit affiliate. As parents, we still think we are crazy for telling him this, “You can affiliate if you do all the work. Fill out the application and write the essay.” It didn’tdidn’t long. Within a week, he had filled out the application and wrote the essay. We became affiliated in January 2009. We are still wondering if he is the youngest affiliate owner in the history of CrossFit.

Then, a few more family members and some friends came to train. We put up a pull-up bar in the garage, bought a plastic sprinkler garden box to jump on, bought some rings and some cheap barbells and weights. Our first rack was fashioned from plumbing pipes so that it could double as parallettes. We followed main site WODs and did what we could.

Unfortunately, we only lasted a few months in our garage gym because the neighbors called the police on us due to the loud music and “noise” that goes on when people are busy getting better.

Throughout this time, our daughter, Charisse had been a dance major and fitness instructor at UCLA’s John Wooden Center. Of course, her classes were run with the CrossFit methodology. Carissa started and finished nursing school, earning her RN license. And, Jesse held the fort down making sure everyone accomplished their goals.

Since January of 2009, we have gone through many changes starting in our garage, graduating into a 1000 square foot warehouse, knocking down a wall to expand into another 1000 square feet, then 10,00 sq. ft, and finally in 2016 we are in an intimate, private 3300 sq. ft. facility.

We are thankful every day for the wonderful, positive members that have become our family at Proper. Our “family” continues to grow in membership and coaching staff. Christian continues to expand his knowledge of health and fitness and is an alumni of California Baptist University with a Major in Kinesiology.

CrossFit Proper
430 Princeland Court
Corona CA 92879