FREE Body Fat Testing in Corona, CA ($150 Value!)

CrossFit Proper offers the BEST, MOST informative, and ACCURATE way to test your body composition (body fat %, lean muscle mass, weight, etc.)

We utilize State Of The Art equipment called a Inbody 520 Scanner. It is accurate and non-invasive! By using modern technology and science, it uses electrical Bio-impedance (No, it doesn’t hurt!)to collect data in your body. We track a couple key factors for health;

Schedule your appointment now. It’s only 20 minutes long and you’ll get:

– Tour of our facility
– Body fat scan on our InBody 270
– Detailed print out of your body metrics
– Review of your body metrics
– Goal setting to help you move towards improving your body metrics

If you are trying to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or even on a Corporate Wellness Challenge thisĀ is the BEST tool to track how far you’ve come! Let us help you by starting with a scan. From there we have ENDLESS options for fitness like Personal Training, CrossFit, and even Online Training!

Let’s begin the transformation to a better body and a healthier you.

*Get a print out of your results to review with your doctor. Accurate measurements of your body weight, body fat, lean body mass, muscle percentage, water weight, daily caloric expenditure, and much more!