Guys want to look like Arnold?
Girls wants to get toned and bikini ready?
If you answered yes then the PROPER Hypertrophy program is for you.

So What is Functional Hypertrophy?

“Hypertrophy is the growth of muscle and occurs because the existing muscle fibers get larger due to strength training. Mechanical loading, or weight lifting, triggers processes within the cells and muscle fibers that lead to protein synthesis and muscle growth. Functional hypertrophy is muscle growth that is strategic so that it grows your muscles in a way that will improve physical performance.”

Who’s this for: Absolutely Everyone!

Anyone who wants to get stronger, faster, and look more defined/toned.

  • Burn Fat by adding a strategic Bodybuilding element to your workout routine.
  • Build Muscle to increase size and strength with the most effective way to gain muscle
  • Look better naked!!

What do you get?

Besides a better and sexier body??

  • InBody Scan before and after the six weeks of accessory training to see the results with Objective Data.
  • Video Demonstrations of how to do movements Properly
  • Work with a Certified Coach that has a plethora of knowledge
  • Six weeks of Customized Hypertrophy Programming

The cost is $75.