Individual Design

If you’d like the opportunity to take time and focus on certain goals, such as building muscle, strength, Olympic Lifting, technique work or focus on losing more body fat, this would be a great opportunity for you to get specific programming along with coaching on the side. If you feel like you have a couple chinks in the armor that you want to refine (get stronger, faster, or lose body fat), you need this program! 

How It Works:

  • You will have access to Open Gym from 7am-2pm ($75 Value)
  • Individualized Workout Plan Custom to your goals (Anything from bodybuilding, powerlifting, to basic weight loss)
  • Access to all the equipment you need to make progress in your health and fitness goals
  • Free InBody Scans Monthly to see your Body Composition Progress ($75 Value)
  • One Free Proper Life Company T-Shirt to represent inside out outside the gym ($32 Value)

The Cost is $75/month. With a 3 month Commitment if this is your first time time. This is to ensure that you are sticking to your routine and turning a healthy lifestyle into a HABIT!  All the programming is yours to keep and do anywhere around the world. We promise to coach the heck out of you and help you reach your goals. Ready to hit your goals?

Not sure if this is right for you? Fill out the form below and we can do a FREE No Sweat Intro to find the BEST option for your health and fitness.