CrossFit Proper is different. We’re here to help you succeed and reach the goals you have set for yourself. The starting point of your fitness journey is our No-Sweat Intro!
 This is simply a 20 minute session where we talk about YOU.

Talk to a coach about what’s important to your success and get a feel for the community.  Maybe it’s classes, maybe it’s Personal Training, maybe it’s something for the kids. You can even bring a friend for moral support!

We’ll answer all your questions about membership, pricing and which program is right for you.

Get answers to common questions like:

  • – Will I lose weight/become stronger/remain active?
  • – Will CrossFit help me reach my goals?
  • – What is CrossFit?
  • – What kind of movements/exercises can I expect?
  • – Is CrossFit “dangerous” as the media claims it to be (short answer is NO)?
  • -What kind of results can I expect?
  • – How often should I come?
  • – And much, much more!
  • We want to hear your story.

Fill out the form below so we can reach out to you or call (951)316-3323 to schedule your the most important 15 minutes for your health. 

CrossFit is not just a workout. Proper form and technique is emphasized. There are terms to be familiar with and movements to practice. Mechanics and consistency before intensity is our motto. Taking the time to learn how to do fundamental movements properly is the next step in your path to awesomeness.

Learn CrossFit: Based on your comfort level and your Coach’s recommendation after your Free Trial you will start with Foundations, Foundations+, or Personal Training.

Foundations ($249) Ready? Sign up

This is an absolute must – at CrossFit Proper we want you to feel both comfortable and safe during the Best Hour Of Your Day. This is accomplished by educating and teaching you the 9 Fundamental movements in CrossFit, plus you get 4 more workouts under your belt before you hop into a group class. Do 4 Personal Training Foundational classes with a Coach for $250, PLUS the rest of your month in an Unlimited Membership. This is by appointment only.

Foundations + Nutrition ($299)

Like the Foundations above, BUT you get a kickstart in your Nutrition Coaching!
CrossFit + Nutrition = the fast track to your goals. Work with our Coaches, get your measurements and body composition results, plus a 28 Day Nutrition Meal plan.

Ten (10) 60 Minute Personal Training Sessions ($585) Sign Up!

Sometimes a group setting isn’t what’s needed to help you reach your goals. Maybe you want it to be more personal. Maybe your time is limited and you can’t make the group classes. Maybe you need an even more involved plan to help you succeed. Whatever it is, you deserve to be healthy and fit. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Work around your busy schedule
  • Develop of Customized Plan Of Action
  • Stay motivated by developing a relationship with one of our Educated Coaches
  • Increase muscle, burn body fat and increase endurance

Feeling awesome? Love CrossFit? Then, Live CrossFit! Choose from any of the membership options below.

3x – $125/mo

Come three times per week or 12 times per month to any of our regular scheduled classes.

Unlimited – $149/mo

Attend any class we offer as many times you’d like! You can take a look at our full schedule here and even come twice a day (we don’t recommend this at first), but you get what we mean.

Hybrid Membership – $199/mo

The Hybrid Membership is based off the fact that you want to hit your goals faster. Extra work and custom programming will definitely help with that while working with a coach in a personal environment. You will get two (2) 30 minute Personal Development Sessions each month, on top of an Unlimited Membership to work One on One with one of our Coaches.

No contracts. You can cancel at anytime according to the policy below. We honestly believe that if you are seeing steady results and love Proper as much as we do, you’ll come back every day for a fun and results driven workout.

Cancellation Policy:
Please give us 15 days notice in writing prior to next billing date to cancel your autopay. If cancellation notice is given within 15 days of next billing date, you will be charged for that month. No refund shall be issued. To cancel in writing, please E-Mail – with the CFP Membership Cancellation in the Subject line.

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Corona CA 92879